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Saturday, December 7, PS39 competed in the district FLL Lego Robotics Tournament, at MS7.  We sent a team of 8 students from grades 6 and 7 to represent PS39.  Azzure Benthall designed our Team Logo for the second year.  Click through for more details.
Grade 5 through 8 students conducted science experiments and displayed their findings on brightly colored dioramas on Thursday, November 21.  Please select the story for more information and photos!



Time: 3 PM – 4 PM

Mission Statement

The mission for Dr. Charles P. DeFuccio School is to provide each student a foundational education that is relevant to the real world, which reflects  the knowledge and skills that our children need to develop for success in college and careers. The Dr. Charles P. DeFuccio family along with the parents and community, will assist the students in developing the skills to become independent and self-sufficient citizens that will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.

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