November - PS39 Science Fair Winners

Grade 5 through 8 students conducted science experiments and displayed their findings on brightly colored dioramas on Thursday, November 21.
Winners -- three, plus one honorable mention, in each grade level -- were awarded, as follows:
First Place:  Estara Henry
Second Place:  Ayzhanna Kelley
Third Place:  Mia Andino
Honorable Mention:  Micah Llanes
First Place:  Jaeda McKenney
Second Place:  Gregory Black
Third Place:  Semoa Bruce
Honorable Mention:  Miles Enix
First Place:  Erlica Gonzales
Second Place: Naieli Perez
Third Place:  Gretta Flores-Calderon
Honorable Mention:  Deshawn Hutchins
First Place:  Sebi Simpson "Floating Stickman"
Second Place: Anilu Sarmiento  "Rock Crystals"
Third Place:  Ibrahim Awan  "How to Determine Melting Time"
Honorable Mentions:  Shakour Bruce  "Creating a Homemade Battery" and
Adi Hernandez "White Candles vs. Colored Candles"
Grade 5 presented their boards to the class on Tuesday, November 26.  They worked diligently and cooperatively to research and explore scientific method-based questions.  Overall, our students did a WONDERFUL job!